California Vacay! Quality Seafood Inc – Redondo Beach

We had a wonderful vacation in California last week.  Each day was filled with sunshine, family, fun, and FOOD!

We started the trip with an overnight stay in Redondo Beach.  This was our first time staying in this area, so we were excited to explore the beach and pier area around our hotel.   Redondo has a cool, laid back beach town vibe.                                                                          

After walking around for a bit, we decided to try the fresh oysters from a place called Quality Seafood, Inc.  We knew nothing about the place, but saw the humongo oysters and just couldn’t resist.  I think this time of year is low season in Redondo, so everything was pretty empty.  This ended up working to our advantage because there was no one in line anywhere.

Quality Seafood offers a ton of different oysters.  If I had to guess, perhaps at least 15-20. We weren’t sure which type to order so we asked the friendly gentleman at the counter for recommendations.   He suggested the fresh Pacific oysters (his personal favorite) because of the size, saltiness of the “juice,” and  tastiness of the meat.  At about $2.50 per oyster, we decided to get six to start with.

Holy amazeballs!!  With some lemon, a little hot sauce, and lots of salty brine, we slurped these down in record time.  We then did what any two reasonable, hungry vacationers would do.  We ordered four more!  Same amazing taste, savored in less than 2 minutes flat. 🙂

While waiting for our oysters, we chatted with the friendly gentleman doing the shucking (sometimes with hammers!).  This fella epitomized multi-tasking.  He was talking, smiling, telling stories, and shucking all at once.  Wow!  The gentleman told us that Quality Seafood is a 4th generation family owned and operated company.  Additionally, most folks have been working there 20+ years.   Talk about loyalty!  The oysters are actually farm-raised by a fella in Washington state.  Apparently he’s figured out how to create the perfect conditions for oysters, and manages to grow a ton of varieties that consistently turn out huge and tasty.  

If you’re ever in Redondo Beach, be sure to check out Quality Seafood Inc.  We were lucky enough to stroll right in and get our bounty a short time later.  We were told the lines are really long during high season (summer).  Even so, I think these bad boys are worth the wait.

Quality Seafood Inc
130 South International Boardwalk
Redondo Beach , CA 90277
310 372-6408


About Chow DC

We have have been eating our way through the DC metro area since 2005. Many calories later, we thought it’d be fun to share our food adventures with anyone crazy enough to listen. We are not food experts by any means, we just love to eat and will try anything once. Although we love a fancy meal, we strive to balance the price, popularity, diversity, and location of our dining experiences. Please contact us with questions or comments. We’d love to hear from you! chownowdc at Follow us on twitter: @chownowDC
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