California Vacay – South Beach Bar & Grille

You know that phrase, “When in Rome….?”  Well, when in San Diego, there’s nothing we crave more than fish tacos.  On this trip we were determined to eat fish tacos from at least one new place.  My BFF, Google, suggested a placed called South Beach Bar & Grille.  According to my BFF, Food Network rated SB Bar & Grill’s fish tacos in the top three in the US.  Additionally, Alton Brown did a show all about their fish tacos.  We didn’t even need to ask Yelp for her opinions.

SB Bar & Grill is exactly what we’d expect from an ocean front bar in San Diego.  Divey, breezy, and chill…..with a slant more toward bar than grille.   We stopped by on a Monday around 4pm. You know what this means? HAPPY HOUR!  All appetizers were half off and the fish tacos were only $2 each.  SCORE!

We ordered 2 dozen oysters, 3 wahoo fish tacos and 3 baja tacos.

The oysters were decently sized and tasted pretty good.  Nothing like what we had at Quality Seafood in Redondo Beach. But for half off, it was awesome and we slurped them down fast.

The fish tacos are huge in size and taste.  The baja taco contained grilled fish; the wahoo contained fried fish.  Both were delicious, but the wahoo was our favorite.  Beyond the fish, the two tacos are identical.  They come in flour tortillas (instead of the usual corn tortilla), and are covered with heaps of cabbage, tomatoes, and sauce.  The sauce has a mayo taste, so weren’t loving in.  Plus there was almost too much sauce.  But the tacos would’ve been bland sans sauce.  Maybe on the side next time.

Given how big the tacos are, they are a bit messy.  There’s no way to eat one without making a mess. But we like to think that more juice = more tasty.   There aren’t many things we’d eat that are so good, we’d let juices run down our face and hands. In public.

Next time you’re in San Diego, check this place out.  You’ll really get a kick out of the tacos…..and the names of shops down the street. 🙂

South Beach Bar and Grille
5059 Newport Avenue # 104
San Diego, CA 92107
(619) 226-4577


About Chow DC

We have have been eating our way through the DC metro area since 2005. Many calories later, we thought it’d be fun to share our food adventures with anyone crazy enough to listen. We are not food experts by any means, we just love to eat and will try anything once. Although we love a fancy meal, we strive to balance the price, popularity, diversity, and location of our dining experiences. Please contact us with questions or comments. We’d love to hear from you! chownowdc at Follow us on twitter: @chownowDC
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