Knock Knock.
Who’s there?
Trucker who?

Truckeroo is a “monthly festival held June through October…showcasing food trucks from the Washington, DC area.”  In other words, 25 food trucks, 1 location, 1 day. Hells yea.

We went with our friends, Pohler and Carey, and a couple of their friends.  We highly recommend going with a group of people so you can try a little bit of everything.  Between the six of us, I think we hit a majority of the trucks.

First thing we did when we got to truckeroo is beeline straight to the Hula Girl truck.  Hula Girl specializes in HAWAIIAN FOOD!!   Sadly, the spam musubi was sold out by  the time we got there.  But the plate lunch sampler was still available, and had my name written all over it.

Hula Girl’s plate lunch sampler consists of teriyaki chicken, teriyaki beef, kalua pork (aka kalua pig), white rice, and mac salad. Overall, it was ono .  Not as good as what you can get in Hawaii, especially the mac salad, but good enough for this local girl. 🙂  The kalua pig was my favorite part.  Really tender, nice smoky taste, and the perfect amount of saltiness.  I’ve made kalua pork before and can appreciate how hard it is to keep it from being too salty or dry.  I also got a side of haupia.  It was the right consistency, but tasted like a diet version of the real thing.

We also tried the Connecticut style lobster roll from Red Hook lobster truck.  The sandwich had a lot of lobster meat, but not a lot of taste.  We were secretly hoping for something like what we had at Neptune Oyster in Boston. But alas, no such luck.

Eat Wonky’s “Wonky Fries” with Poutine and squeaky cheese were devoured so fast, I didn’t have time to snap a picture.  They were that good.

Then there was goat cheese mac n cheese from CapMac.  The portion size was pretty good, but the Goat cheese mac n cheese wasn’t cheesy enough.  We probably should’ve stuck with the classic version.  We brought the leftovers home and it’s still sitting in the fridge untouched.  When something sits in the Chow’s fridge for 1+ day,  you know something is up.  No picture needed.

And if that weren’t enough food, we decided we couldn’t just stand around in the rain and do nothing when there was no line at the Big Cheese Truck.  Last night they debuted a new black truffle grilled cheese that was as good as it sounds.  Melted truffle Cheese + artichokes + grilled buttered bread  is a winning combo for sure.


Truckeroo is to hungry people what plastic surgery is to the real housewives.  It starts out as harmless curiosity.  You have the best intentions, thinking you’ll just try it once and see how it goes. But then one taste leads to another, and another, and another. And before you know it, you’re at a point where you’re so full…but there’s no turning back, you just can’t stop.  And in a month you’ll want to do it all over again because it’s that awesome and who cares what your lips or hips look like.

Half and M St, SE Washington DC
across from the Navy Yard Metro Station
Hours: 11am – 11pm


About Chow DC

We have have been eating our way through the DC metro area since 2005. Many calories later, we thought it’d be fun to share our food adventures with anyone crazy enough to listen. We are not food experts by any means, we just love to eat and will try anything once. Although we love a fancy meal, we strive to balance the price, popularity, diversity, and location of our dining experiences. Please contact us with questions or comments. We’d love to hear from you! chownowdc at Follow us on twitter: @chownowDC
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