Saturday Lunch at Volt

The number 3 is pretty impressive.  It’s represented by some fabulous trios, including the amigos, musketeers, wise men, stooges, TLC, and Wilson Phillips.  It was Babe Ruth’s number with the Yankees. And most importantly, it’s the number of courses in the amazing $25 lunch at Volt restaurant in Frederick, Maryland.

A bunch of folks have already blogged about the amazingness that is Volt, so we won’t get into too much detail.  We will just remind you what you probably already know: the food is fabulous, the service is impeccable, and the chive biscuits are to die for.  For $25,  Volt really is the best value for lunch.  Now we’ll let the pictures tell the rest of the story.

First course:
– Cherry glen farm goat cheese ravioli with bartlett pear, crisp sage, braised cippolini onions
– Yellowfin tuna tartare with jasmine rice, chili oil, petite cilantro, yuzu, whitefish roe ($7 extra)


Second course:
– Bronzini with pee wee potatoes, sunchoke, brussels sprouts, green garlic

– Muscovy duck with bacon lardon, cannellini beans, tarragon, braised mustard

Third (dessert) course: 
– Textures of chocolate,  with white chocolate ganache, chocolate caramel, raw organic cocoa
– Goat cheese cake with roasted seckel pear, almond crumb, citrus cookie


Three words sum up Volt: Fresh. Sophisticated. Perfection.

The 3-course lunch at Volt is a must. We’re not food experts by any means, but when it comes to spotting fabulous trios, we’ve got to toot our own horn a bit.  Proof in the pudding: we are getting one of these inflatable trios for next year….

Volt Restaurant
228 North Market Street
Frederick, MD


About Chow DC

We have have been eating our way through the DC metro area since 2005. Many calories later, we thought it’d be fun to share our food adventures with anyone crazy enough to listen. We are not food experts by any means, we just love to eat and will try anything once. Although we love a fancy meal, we strive to balance the price, popularity, diversity, and location of our dining experiences. Please contact us with questions or comments. We’d love to hear from you! chownowdc at Follow us on twitter: @chownowDC
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2 Responses to Saturday Lunch at Volt

  1. Erin says:

    What?!? I though you were gonna say s, r, and m were the best trio you knew!! Lol!!

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